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Drysuit 'Explorer' - Drysuit Italia

The EXPLORER series wetsuits are made of black Fergusson Trilaminate (350 or 400gr/mq)Telescopic bust,  with choice colored overlay in cordura or in ARMOTex.Customizable for the finishes. In ATTACHMENTS the form to take its own measures In DESCRIPTION all specifications MADE TO MEASURE ONLY

Price €1,467.21
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Tankplate and holder set

Set of tank plate and holder for rebreather diluent/oxigen bottles (or argon bottle, battery pack etc), with quick release system; a couple of stainless steel bands included with rubber protections. Max. 7 liter tanks We don't answer for damages due to misused of the item

Price €95.08
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PSR-11-39 JD oxygen sensor

Oxygen sensor for analysers and rebreather with jack connector for: De-Ox,MSA Mini Ox 1 406931 Spectrum O2 Analyzer Vandagraph VN202 IT Gambert D-01 Sensor Teledyne R-17 Sensor

Price €72.95
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